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Friday, April 5, 2013

5 x 7 Note Pad Covers

These 5 x 7 note pad covers are easy to make and fun to give.  They can be decorated like a card, but have a usefulness that keeps on giving.  

12 x 12 card stock - any color (Stampin' Up's card stock really is the best for this, it is heavier weight than most card stocks available in stores)
Sticky Strip adhesive, Tombow multi-purpose glue or another super strong craft glue
Simply Scored board and stylus
5 x 7 note pad, available at office supply retailers
Extra paper and card stock for decorating.

1.  Score 12 x 12 card stock at 3/8", 5-7/8", 6-1/8" and 11-5/8" (3/8" in from both sides, and a spine down the middle.

2.  Turn card stock 90 degrees, and score at 3-3/4" from the inside.  This will form the pocket that the note pad backing slips into.  Also convenient for ephemera, notes, receipts, photos, etc...

3.  Fold and crease along all score lines using a bone folder. 
4.  Fold "pocket" flap up to the inside of the folder and trim off 1/2" inch from each edge, just along the pocket.  Just outside the score line from step one works well.  This makes room for the edge flap to fold in and stick down.

5.  Attach Sticky Strip or a bead of glue along the inside of each edge flap. Fold edge flaps over the pocket flap and secure.  If you are using glue, it may require weighing down with a paper weight for about 10 minutes or until the glue dries.  I like to angle the edges of the edge flap by trimming the top and bottom edges starting from 1/8" in from top and bottom edges outward to the top edge of the score line.  You can see what I mean in the photo below.

6.  Once the glue has dried, or tape has set, following the edge of the pocket, snip the edge flap about 1/4" in from the inside to free the edge of the pocket.

7. Decorate your note pad and your folder as desired!  Here, I cut a 5" by 3" strip of paper, and punched one edge with the Scallop Trim Border Punch.  Then scored it to fit over the edge of the note pad, and secured with Sticky Strip.


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